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Much information on the Web about the use of videconferencing technology in education is at least one of the following:-
  1. Mainly about "one to many" distance learning applications;
  2. Mainly about Higher Education applications, rather than being school-based;
  3. Overtly technical.
The following sites are amongst the more appropriate for those interested in using videoconferencing for co-operative and collaborative work in schools.
(NB This site is pretty old now, and is not maintained. The pages linked below may well have vanished.)

Pacific Bell Knowledge Network:- Videoconferencing
The 'In the Classroom' section is particularly useful, and includes project ideas, 'how to' guides, and copious help with planning and evaluation.

KCET:- The Videoconferencing Zone
Another Californian site: some content is very similar to the Pacific Bell one, but there is a different slant to the project examples.

Whitby School Case Study
This case study on the use of videoconferencing in a UK primary school is becoming dated, but still contain much that is of interest. It is part of the BECTa web site.

Scottish Virtual Teachers' Centre report on Videoconferencing and pupils with Learning Difficulties
This report (presented as a sequence of screens) provides broad advice, classroom examples, evaluations, and an overview of the issues surrounding the use of videoconferencing for teaching and learning.

British Colombia Educational Videoconferencing
The support web site for the above project, which is ambitious and on a grand scale. Includes some useful general advice.

SAVIE Videconferencing Atlas
The web site of a EC funded project based in Belgium and Finland. Part of the site is given over to advertising the (expensive) handbook and training materials which the project developed, but the (free) chapter summaries are well worth a look.

JANET Videoconferencing Advisory Service
Produced by and designed for UK Higher Education. Very comprehensive guides to rooms and equipment: friendlier and with less jargon than most other HE-oriented sites.

BT has a special videoconferencing site containing information about videconferencing equipment and services

Global Schoolnet's site has information about an Internet-based video links project

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