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Chris Carlson Chris Carlson teaches 3rd grade children at Chipeta, and has been teaching in elementary and special education for 20 years. She is one of several teachers at Chipeta who are 'LAN administrators' - taking a lead in using IT in the classroom, and supporting and training other teachers in doing the same. She has also acted as an IT consultant and teacher trainer to a neighbouring school.

Diane Gajewski joined the project in the Autumn of 1998. She has taught for fourteen years, from Kindergarten through to 2nd grade, and is currently teaching 2nd Graders. She has been involved in online projects before, and takes over from Lisa Sarter, who has new duties which take her away from Global Connections. Diane Gajewski

Lisa Sarter Lisa Sarter teaches 5th grade children and is another of Chipeta's LAN administrators, supporting and training colleagues in their use of IT, and looking after the school network server. She has been teaching for 17 years, and has a special interest in curriculum integration and thematic schemes of work.
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