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The Global Connections project is supported by BT community Partnerships
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Text:Martin Brasier
Graphics/artwork:Andrew Elliott
Information and classroom activity materials:Provided by the participating teachers
and students of the featured schools
Photographs:From participating schools and Martin Brasier

Global Connections Project Management:

Graham Shanks

Content last updated: September 1999 Contact mailbox:
(no longer active)

Brooke Brummitt, Global SchoolNet's consultant for the project, put a lot of energy into Global Connections and played a major and significant part in getting it 'off the ground'. Sadly, she was taken ill at the end of January and tragically died on March 22nd 1998. She is sorely missed. Brooke Brummitt

Original project partners

Global Connections began as a joint BT/MCI project, scheduled to run until June 1999. Following the breakdown of the planned BT/MCI merger, MCI withdrew from the project in June 1998. BT is continuing to support and run the project, and has extended it to June 2000.

Project Management for 1997/8

For BT:- Graham Shanks
For MCI:- Nancy Bauer
For Melchior ET:- Martin Brasier
For GSN:- Brooke Brummitt / Yvonne Andres / Heidi Hammond

Project support and co-ordination services were provided by Melchior Educational Technologies (in the UK) and the Global SchoolNet Foundation (in the US).

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Global Connections