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The Global Connections Project involves 10 schools in the UK and USA in classroom to classroom collaboration and exchanges, using videoconferencing and other communications technologies.

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Contents of the site:-

Brief History
Rationale, Support and Project Management
Contact information, credits and acknowledgements

Details of some of the project activities
Storytelling / drama
Data collection / analysis
Work with Newspapers
Building relationships
US/UK language differences

Advice & tips based on our experiences
Planning Activites
Using the Technology
Working across several time zones
Technical standards

School and teacher profiles
Chipeta Elementary School - school; teachers
Taliesin Junior Schools - school; teachers
Woodward Academy - school and teacher
Osborne Middle School - school ; teacher
Elgin High School - school; teacher
Sgoil Lionacleit - school; teacher
Washington Irving High School - school; teacher
Boston Spa Comprehensive- school; teacher
San Francisco School of the Arts - school; teacher
Coombe Girls' School - school; teacher

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