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Data collection and Analysis...
The work featured here was carried out by the project's two Middle Schools - Woodward Academy in Detroit, and Osborne Middle School in East Cowes (Isle of Wight). Steph
Classroom at Woodward Academy

Pupils' Work
Wall display at Osborne Middle School
The analysis is based on survey data collected from children in both schools.

First, survey topics and questions were chosen. This was a collaborative exercise, not least because of the importance of ensuring that relevant options for both the US and UK were included. This survey's main theme was 'getting up in the morning', and the coverage included getting up, breakfast food, breakfast TV / Radio, and the journey to school.

The questions and response options were laid out on questionnaire sheets and distributed. The children surveyed a large proportion of the children in their schools - a sample of over 300 responses altogether.

(This survey used specially created OMR forms, like those used for Newspaper Day / BT CampusWorld Surveys - which has its own website - saving time on data entry and making a large sample feasible.)

The collected data was exchanged and loaded into spreadsheet packages for analysis with charts and graphs.

In this case, both classes analysed all the data. In a smaller scale class survey by children from Taliesin Junior and Chipeta Elementary schools, data was exchanged, and used by each class to learn about the other.

Videoconferencing is an ideal medium for comparing / presenting the results of the analysis work.


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