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Boston Spa Comprehensive School is situated midway between Leeds and York on the edge of the village of Boston Spa.
There are about 1800 students, aged from 11 to 18, including about 360 sixth formers. The school has 110 teaching staff, and 50 non-teaching staff.

Students come from Boston Spa and the surrounding villages, and also from the suburbs of Leeds. A network of 24 buses carries students to and from school each day.

Boston Spa Comprehensive is a community school, and shares sports and other facilities with a range of local groups and clubs. The school also has its own company, Boston Spa Training Ltd:- products include CD-ROMs of Language learning materials.

As well as being involved in Global Connections, the school has links with schools in mainland Europe and Scandinavia. Some links make use of videoconferencing: sporting and performing arts links involve exchanges and tours.

The school has its own web page on the Leeds Council site.
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