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Louise Williams Louise Williams has been at Taliesin for 2 years, teaching a year 5/6 class, and co-ordinating Geography and History teaching. (She is a Geography graduate, and this is her first teaching post.) Before PGCE studies, Louise worked in an outdoor educational centre in North Yorkshire, and for Flintshire Social Services (working with young adults with Learning Difficulties).
Kevin Downes came to Taliesin in November 1997, to teach a year 3/4 class and take on the rôle of IT and Science co-ordinator. In the process, he inherited IT responsibility for the Global Connections project, and became involved in it! Kevin had recently completed his PGCE studies, and this is his first teaching post. Before becoming a teacher (and after a degree in Computer Studies), he travelled a lot and also gained a wide experience of work, including helping to run a retail business. He still writes articles for walking magazines. Kevin Downes
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